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We know from experience what it takes to get better. After many years in the industry we can help you work through all the details of Home Health Care - from dealing with the insurances to equipping your or your loved one's home...

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"This was my first experience with any service. Vicki and Ben made me feel comfortable and answered my questions. I felt in very good hands."

- LG, 72 Spinal Surgery

"Everything was great and above normal. I can name nurses too - Cathi and Vicki."

- MH, 79 years old Recovered with Wound Care

"You are compassionate and that helps as much as anything!"

- DG, 90 Abdominal Surgery

"We think Vicki is the greatest."

- JM 93 Wound Care

"You are kind and always here on time."

- CL, 94 Therapy for Abnormal Gait

"It is excellent care."

- IM, 89 Hip Surgery

"You care and want us to get better."

- BC 83, Therapy for abnormal gait with falls

"Could not of had better care from all who came to my house."

- LD 68, Knee Replacement

"I really appreciate your services. I know I couldn’t have made it without you."

- EM 71, Wound Care

"Natasha connected well with 90 year old father. Professional and caring. Great with motivation. Positive personality."

- TD 91, Shoulder Strain

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Our clients are important. They could be your parents or your siblings. Maybe even you. And, at Colorado Health Connections, our clients are also our partners.

Everyday, our team of professional home health care workers recaptures the art of nursing by partnering with our clients to help them recuperate and return to the highest level of performance.

Coloradoi Health Connections

When we are invited into someone’s home, we provide personal health care, education and advocacy—all the tools our clients need to recover as comfortably and as independently as possible. We coordinate the care with physicians and other service providers in our community to create a comprehensive program tailored to each client’s needs.

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